Welcome to the Save Skiathos Cats Documentary

Award winning film director Philip Bloom spent 5 days in Skiathos filming this amazing documentary to help the Save Skiathos Cats appeal. We are overwhelmed by the kindness shown by Philip and generosity in producing this documentary. We are sure you will agree it’s absolutely outstanding. Press play below to play the stunning documentary.

Our situation is CRITICAL and as each day passes when you think it couldn’t possibly get any worse it does. There is no furniture left inside the house so the blind cats have nothing to sleep on and we fear they will be evicted from the house soon. The outdoor cats have none to very little shelter and with the very bad weather we are trying all we can to keep them dry so they will not get sick. The kittens are being removed from their place of safety. We are closer to being forced off the land each day and getting DESPERATE with no place to go. Please HELP US to save all these cats from ending up on the streets, the blind ones, the disabled ones, the kittens that need bottle feeding and neutering and all others who will not survive on the streets. We need your help to raise money and spread this message far and wide so we can relocate to a safe place for all the cats for now and the future to come.

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