How to Adopt a Cat

Cats cared for by Skiathos Cat Welfare

The charity has a large number of homeless cats in its care. We are a small charity with just a handful of people trying to do a very big job. We are URGENTLY seeking kind and loving homes for these special cats. Some of you may be planning a holiday to Skiathos, why not consider adopting one of the cats in our care. We will assist with all the necessary preparations for your lovely new cat to be ready to come home with you.

Adoption procedure

All adopters will be required to complete an adoption agreement and will be subject to a home visit as mandate by the Greek law on animal welfare (Law 4830/2021). UK will not fly animals directly from Skiathos. Other European airlines will fly animals directly from Skiathos to the Netherlands, Germany, Austria etc. For adoption of the cats in our care we can offer assistance on planning the trip with your newly adopted cat.

A selection of cats needing a home can be found here:

For more information on adopting a cat in the charities care please contact Evelyne through

Have you befriended a cat whilst on holiday and wish to take it home?

Cats that are used to living on the street need time and space to adapt. They are prone to running off when placed in new surroundings with cats they are not familiar with. Sadly the charity has no permanent facilities or the manpower to keep cats safe that you may have befriended and wish to adopt. If you have befriended a cat and have a place to keep it safe with you during your holidays and fly with them back home please get in contact with the Skiathos vets


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Website gallery of adopted cat: