How to Adopt a Cat

Adopting an onsite cat from Skiathos Cat Welfare Association

We currently have about 200 cats in our care. Skiathos Cat Welfare is just a small team of people trying to do a big job. We are URGENTLY seeking kind and loving homes for these special cats. Our website has many pictures of the cats seeking new homes. Some of you may be planning a holiday to Skiathos why not come and meet our cats and offer them a home of their own?

Adoption procedure

All adopters will be required to complete an adoption agreement and will be subject to a home visit. UK  will not fly animals directly from Skiathos. Other European airlines will fly animals directly from Skiathos, to The Netherlands, Germany, Austria, etc. For UK adoptions maybe you can drive to Amsterdam to collect your cat or we can try to find volunteers to pick up the cats from Amsterdam and bring the cats to the UK.

Adoption Contribution

All cats are spayed / neutered (except for the cats younger than 5 months) tested for feline AIDS and feline leukemia, provided with a passport, vaccinated, micro-chipped and treated for fleas and worms. Airline approved travel boxes will be provided.  The adoption contribution to The Netherlands , Germany and Austria will be €220. For other countries the contribution will vary due flight or future transport. 

Flight escorts

Flight escorts are a great way to help a Skiathos Welfare Cat to get a cat to their new home. Being a flight escort involves no extra cost to yourself, so if you are planning a holiday to Skiathos and are allowed to take pets on the return flight please get in contact with Evelyne who can explain how easy the process is.

Have you befriended a cat whilst on holiday and wish to take it home?

As the charity has been evicted  from it’s location and currently is staying at a temporary location it is not possible to look after cats you have befriended on your holiday and you may wish to adopt. We have nowhere to keep cats safe from roaming until it is ready to leave. We hope in the future when land is found we will have facilities to help you. If you can take a cat direct on your flight please get in contact with the Skiathos vets

For more information on Adopting a Skiathos Cat please contact Evelyne through [hide_email email=””]

We want to welcome Carolin from the United Kingdom to our adoption team. Carolin does all the (video) homechecks for the United Kingdom, Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

We want to welcome Nadine from Germany  to our adoption team. Nadine will help to meet people at the airport in Dusseldorf.

We want to welcome Denise from The Netherlands to our adoption team. Denise will help with the promotion of adoption cats  in The Netherlands.

A small selection of the adopted cats can be found here. We have many, many more. Please get in contact if you have seen a cat that is not in the list which you want to offer a home.


Visit our Instagram,  facebookpage or website gallery to read stories and see photos of lucky adopted Skiathos Cats.



Website gallery of adopted cat: