Volunteer Adoption Team

Check out our very important volunteer roles. Be part of the Skiathos Cat Welfare Association adoption team… here to make a difference

Be a foster home
We are looking for flexible foster homes in The Netherlands with own transport and preferably with no other cats or with an area to keep them separate. Being a foster home will change a cat’s life and give a cat the chance to find a forever home. An opportunity the cat doesn’t get by staying in Skiathos.

Promote our cats looking for new homes
This would involve searching for ways to promote our cats for adoptions

Home Check
We are looking for people in The Netherlands and the United Kingdom to sign up to be potential Home Checkers. Could you spare a few hours to pay potential adopters a visit? This is such an important voluntary role. Could you help us with this?

Volunteers to meet cats and adopters at Schiphol and Dusseldorf airport
Could this be you? It is always reassuring for potential flight escorts and adopters if we can provide a representative to meet both at the airport.

Drivers to bring cats to the United Kingdom
Due to restrictions of direct flights to the United Kingdom for animals, our adoptions to the United Kingdom go via The Netherlands or Germany, Dusseldorf then onward by road to the United Kingdom. Could you do this trip by road to and from Europe?

Flight Escorts
Flight escorts are a great way to help a Skiathos Welfare Cat to get to their new home. Being a flight escort involves no extra cost to yourself, so if you are planning a holiday to Skiathos and are allowed to take pets on the return flight please get in contact with our adoption team who can explain how easy the process is.

Would you like to help or would you like to receive more information, please email Evelyne: skiathoscatgiftshop@hotmail.com